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The Celestial Census

Cop 26

Cop26 Green Zone, Glasgow Science Center
On view October 31 - November 12

Situated outdoors in the Green Zone, The Celestial Census encompasses two large sculptures representing the Earth and the Moon, showing an accurate scale of their size and distance from one another in the cosmos.  Behind the Earth is the declaration that ‘All the People Live Here’ while across space, all the way to the Moon, we are informed “No One Lives Here (or Anywhere Else!).

Oliver painted The Celestial Census live at the event, November 3 and 4 2021

The COP26 Green Zone will be open to the public to spotlight the dynamic, exciting, and inspiring strides being made in climate action across the world.

This work was carried out whilst in employment at Urban Scale Interventions. Images used with kind permission from USI & Oliver Jeffers

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