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People Live Here

Oliver Jeffers

COP26 Blue Zone, Scotland Events Campus
On view October 31 - November 12


Located in the west concourse of the Blue Zone, a 3m x 3m dark cube with carefully removed sections shows a large globe of our planet rotating silently against the void of the Universe. A bright sun like spotlight illuminates it, and as it rotates past suspended static felt clouds, it will appear to be the living breathing organism it is. However, as it rotates around to its ’night’ the viewer will catch a glimpse of UV light revealing all of the landmasses we humans have staked out on the habitable dry land of this orb. And on closer inspection, rather than revealing the country names we have given each territory, they will simply say, over and over again ‘People Live Here’

This work was carried out whilst in employment at Urban Scale Interventions. Images used with kind permission from USI & Oliver Jeffers

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