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Ulster Transport Museum

The Ulster Transport Museum at Cultra explores and exhibits methods of transport by land, sea and sky, past and present. Once a joint offering with the Folk Museum, it is now a stand alone attraction, in need of development which takes advantage of its vast site.

This masterplan will explore the potential of the site and find ways to draw the different narratives of the museum together into one compelling identity. It aims to:

  1. Build upon the exposure and excitement of the Our Place in Space trail.

  2. Create new visitor journeys from the new greenway path to the train station.

  3. Encourage visitors to make repeat visits.

  4. Utilise our vast outdoor space.

  5. Bring motion to our static collections.

  6. Set the Transport Museum on a journey of self-discovery, determining where it will be in the next 6 months, 2 years and 5 years.

This work was carried out whilst employed at Urban Scale Interventions, images used with the kind permission of USI & National Museums Northern Ireland

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