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The challenge of finding creative ways to distil sophisticated narratives into a clear, simple articulate form is the thing I am most passionate about.


There is no substitute for seeing the real object. They must always take centre stage. But today our museums must be more than a cabinet of curiosity. As well as places for learning they are places to meet, debate and socialise.


With careful application tools such as multimedia, audio visual, performance, sensory & interactive exhibits, can greatly enhance the engagement of an audience.



Setting the atmosphere and tone of a space is key to capturing the attention of your audience. We love to play with this experience and use it as another tool to help tell a story. When narrative and spatial arrangement align there is clarity and from there your message is revealed.


We always collaborate.


Every project we work on is a team effort. Whether it's a craftsman, client, artist, consultant or technical specialist we believe building the right team will make all the difference to the success of a project. And ensure we learn and have fun along the way.

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